This poem is dedicated to those that have been deceived by love (in any type of way, with any type of relationship) and who still have an open heart to receive and give love. The point of this writing piece is to encourage us all to continue to love with an open heart. There will be hurt. There may be sadness. There may be mixed emotions. Yet we still continue to thrive in love with our hearts open because it is our healing place. So my lovely people- remember to always keep an open heart. Yours truly- asmiles


Been played. Been taken complete advantage of.

Yet my heart is still so full of open love.

Why? Because I can’t deny: The Lover of this woman, this soul inside.

Been used, been abused, and now betrayed…Manipulated; Humiliated; Freedom too long delayed.

You say you love me, yet you leave me in the cold. No warning, no empathy, just freezing ice from the lies you told.

Smiles to my face, all the while plotting, strategizing, to have my integrity erased.

But I’m still all smiles: because love never fails. Working-still- to keep an open heart…while you working to create paper trails.

This could’ve been dealt with in a more loving way. Yet your hurt and pain causes your deception of love to treacherously SLAY.

No more pain- ONLY- more love to gain.

Years of being invisible- my heart will never be the same

…and now…….

It’s now better than ever, even after surviving all types of stormy weather.

I’ve cried. I’ve retreated. Sometimes my love even felt depleted.

Taken advantage of, slowly trying to speak up…asking, hoping, wishing, desires to be loved up.

The hope once had is now a hope of a distant past.

Heart broken, deceived…by a love that could not last.

You speak as Victim. I speak as Victor. Because we both know that TRUTH is: you control me- NO MORE!

I won’t be played. I won’t be afraid. You coming me for now? Then prepare to be SLAYED.

Will no longer bow down to unethical demands. Dreams and visions to be liberated…now written in my plans.

DARE….to take it all away. One thing you can never take- my vow to still love every single day!

My mission, my calling is: to love and to give.

While you breed deceptive love…I breed the DESIRE to live.

Awakened by your deception of love- and enlightened by the opportunity to make a brand new start. Healing and growing…Evolving because I choose to still love with an open <3 heart.

- - aTs :) <3

Deceived- Betrayed- Inspired- Released

Deceived- Betrayed- Inspired- Released