A new way of thinking...

So I started this title and I’m thinking...what content was I going to put in it? Apparently I had to take a break-  wrote the title and thought I’d just come back to it.  The busyness of life always kicks in whenever, wherever and hey- I just roll with it.

Here is to a new way of thinking: 

The beauty of our thoughts is that we can shift them at any time.  Our life experiences give us this shift in thoughts.  Because what we thought we knew from before - we now think differently based on what has happened along the way of this journey.  Isn’t that just so exciting when you think about it?  My new way of thinking gives me more energy and heightens my own awareness of who I am as a spiritual and human being.

And there is no need to doubt the shift in thinking.  There is no right or wrong when it comes to your own new way of thinking friends.  What we may miss out on is that breakthrough we’ve been seeking through our thought patterns.   

Our thought patterns influence our actions and practices.  Completing a 200-hour RYT Intensive Yoga Teacher Training has given me so much newness of thoughts.  And I’m so grateful for the experiences that have now shifted my thinking.  When I look at the sky I think how beautiful it is to be able to even see what is above me.  When I sit with my pup Maxwell, I think wow he is so loving and he is so dependent on my love to reciprocate! And I just look at him and smile because I think: he didn’t choose me- I chose him.  And here we are together going through the journey of life...just BEING.


And this gives me a new perspective.  And I think why do I get myself worked up over the other things that get me nervous and worried?  Because this right here: this simple state of BEING: this is what it is about- for me!  And it’s great, because everyone is different.  Not everyone thinks the same.  And we are each individually seeking to live better- and think in ways that will fulfill us personally.  How awesome is that?

I have a new way of thinking and I’m not ashamed to share what is on my heart.  A new way of thinking is good, healthy and so inspiring.  A shift in thinking keeps us young at heart and gives us new light.  

Cheers my friends to happy thoughts, to new ways of thinking, to enlightenment, to healthy thoughts!!!🤗😊😍 

April Smith