You Can’t Win...


Won’t Stop...Won’t Quit

Won’t Stop...Won’t Quit

 ...however: it’s always a win when you choose to truly live life.  

It seems the more you try and be yourSELF the more you get slack for just being YOU! It’s as if you give just a little of YOU and then it gets thrown back in your face! Why is that? Why is it that I can be mySELF, genuinely care, give some of my own personal energy others, only to get stabbed in the back for just being me? That is some pretty heavy stuff folks.  And this is why I titled this entry You Can’t Win. 

Every day is a struggle and a challenge when dealing with people. It is never easy because we are dealing with so many different personalities, which makes each of us unique. And that’s quite alright.  I embrace uniqueness of everyone.  However we have our flaws and our sides that can be detrimental to one another.  And that comes from insecurity, jealousy, envy, hate (such a strong,  volatile word), greed and the need to be SEEN!  Yes in my experiences I’ve learned that no matter how hard I try to just be a little ME; and then still be nice, keep low key, I still get drama. Again you just can’t win! (LMTO- code for Laughing My Tooshy Off).  

I sometimes ask in my quiet moments with The Most High- can I just get a little love please from folks? Without any drama- please?  Because I desire for each and every one of us to win. There is no excuse NOT to.  Who says we all can’t win in this life journey! The mindset is- only a select few make it to the very top.  Well why can’t you be one of the selections?  Why can’t you be the one to make a difference and change the status quo.  The standard of being- is soooooo out of touch and out of tune.  And honestly we need to fine tune; re-touch this way of living so that we win inside- inside our hearts; inside our minds;  inside our souls- so we can continue on this quest to win at life.  Now is the time. There is no need to hold back. There is no need to self-doubt.

There IS the need to give YOU to the world with no limits; no setbacks. Everything we need is right there in us.  We can’t win because SELF gets in the way every time.  And when we are in our own way we lose out on life.  The win is about just being YOU anyway.  The win is when you decide hey I won’t win if I’m mySELf or even if I’m not mySELF.

 See the funny thing is- we can try a different way to make others happy; to please others.  Yet we still lose because folks are not pleased either way. And then you yourSELF won’t be pleased because you’ve now compromised YOU.  So- then it is a no-win situation.   

The good news is that regardless: your WIN is when you don’t settle and when you come to terms with the no-win results.  Be satisfied with the fact that there is no pleasing others.  And know that your happiness is the WIN and so long as you are happy with who you are and what you enjoy about life- then that is a win because that is what is most important my dear friends.

I love it when truth comes to light and I can see clearly the reality and what is-is what is.  It makes me a better person and it makes me appreciate life even more than I did before! Let love win.  Let your true SELF take the prize and don’t compromise: because you will lose every time you do.  And honestly life is not worth that.  Life is worth so much more; and you truly WIN when you see this and manifest this into your life! 

Until the next journal entry! 

Peace Love and Smiles...✌🏾❤️😍 







April Smith