It never stops...

Son: Mom- can you take me to the store to get glue? I need it for my project.

Mom: When is it due? 

Son: Tomorrow. 

Mom: Boiling red face....calms down, shakes her head and calmly says “Why are you asking me last minute?”

Son: Shrugs shoulders up and down

Mom: Having outer body experience and turns into She-Hulk

This is just one scenario of what goes on in my home.  And one of many- may I add! The purpose of this blog entry is to VENT and share that this doesn’t end folks! It continues no matter how old your kids are, no matter what deadlines you have to meet, no matter how tired you are and you know you need rest when your eyes start to feel super heavy during the am drive after dropping your son off to school and then head back home to get some work done.

Folks the busyness we put on ourselves is our responsibility.  It ain’t easy and it doesn’t get easier.  And I am telling you that this life is too great and too beautiful to just STAY busy.  And I don’t mind busy-let me just clarify.  I enjoy being busy.  When it becomes overwhelming is when the red flag pops up!  And we don’t need to keep wasting away life just staying busy.  I am very much into mindfulness and I believe in the yin and yang of balance when it comes to being still and being active.  There has to be some balance to achieve a healthier happier more peaceful mode of living.  

So the goal and the work to achieve balance never ends as well!  and it is up to us to continue the journey towards balance.  Sometimes it may feel easier to just give up and just quit.  Yet life is not about quitting. Life is about continuing on the venture and going forward with whatever is already planned for us.  

We just keep going as we move through the life events.  One thing we can say is that it keeps us moving and keeps us on our toes!  Since it doesn’t stop- here is what we can do to keep going as life keeps going:

(1) Smile and laugh because life is good no matter the craziness! Just smile and laugh it off! I just did it now and boy did that feel good! It also put a smile to my face. 

(2) BREATHE!  Take in and out breaths throughout the day.  Breathe in for a count of 4- then breathe out- exhale for a count of 4.  Do this three to four times and notice relaxation of the body as it takes the time to simply breathe!  It makes a big difference!

(3) Be and live in the moment.  So whatever is going on at that very moment- just go with it.  You may have had other plans. However- whatever is going on right then and there: just flow with it and go with it.  That moment is present and we may as well be with the present- not to worry about what is already taking place.  Instead just go with it and know that what you plan may not always happen.  And accept it by saying “Ok.” 

It never stops. So therefore- we don’t need to stop! As the busyness keeps the surprises that come up keep life keeps going- then so should we- so don’t stop my friends- keep going with the rhythm of the constant noise!  And eventually we’ll be able to catch up with life’s rhythmic flow!

Peace my dear friends... 


It never stops...... 


Yet we must keep going.... 

April Smith