The power to love YOU is all in your hands...

I wish I would have received this and learned this 10 years ago.  Yet, I probably wouldn't have learned what I have tapped into today if I did receive this knowledge of the power to love oneself!  Ten years ago, I was starting to tap into the confidence that was hiding in the shadows of my soul.  And part of me feels like I should have gotten a much earlier start on this!  Yet who am I to control what is to be, what is to come, and what is already destined?  (Laughing Out Loud).  The days have just blown by as I watch my life journey and where it is right now, right here, in this very moment.  

Where did you drift off to?  Why did you allow yourself to drift in the first place?  You were young, yet you are now so seasoned and you STILL have much to learn.  This is the talk I am having with Self at the age of 40, soon to be 41 next month.  And I am in tears off and on because I cannot believe I allowed the love of  SELF to be non-existent.  Does this make any sense? At first, it didn't make sense to me.  I didn't have a good enough grasp on the power of Self-Love to make sense of anything other than this: I am a wife and I need to fulfill my role and do well with it.  I am a Mom and my boys are older so now I have to be there for them more than ever before.  I have a professional role that is very much in the public eye, and so I better NOT not smile or else there will be severe consequences.    I wasn't thinking about Self.  Self was alone and hiding so deep in the shadows, that I couldn't reach her at the time.  Back then I was so involved in my own affairs of those that I was trying so hard to truly love with all my mind, heart, and soul.  All the years of trying and now I'm like "WHAT IN THE WORLD DID I DO?"

My forty fitspiration came like a tornado last year.  I was ready to just scoop up all the things that have kept me distracted and toss them!   I was ready to GO HARD and spiral all notions of negative doubt, low self-esteem, and self-sabotage into thin air so that it would soon disappear. I was ready: so I thought......

Nothing and no one prepares you for the unexpected, the unknown.  And when it comes, it doesn't just knock!  It is full blown, slam dunk right in your face!  And guess what? I am still here, LOL! I sometimes am not sure WHY, yet that is not for me to know.  I just know that life has so much more meaning than these things that are happening around me, to me, and against me.  Yet I digress, because humility is something that is practiced on a daily basis.  And when you practice humility life makes more sense; and it comes together better because you have a positive resource to grab hold of (humility).

The more you love YOU the more you learn to love life.  This power of self-love is a power we don’t tap into because we are so into the system’s demands and commands that we fall to the condition of what love is according to the System. But then we miss out on what is pure, what is good, what is true and that is the greatest LOVE for YOU!  You have to tap into your self-love power so that you gain greater access to what all life has to offer as a gift.  And when you are more aware of the power of self-love then you become more aware of the GIFT of living life with joy and peace.   

Your peace increases when you love you MORE! 

Your peace elevates when you begin to look into your own intuitive power and embrace what already is! 

Your peace is greater when your own self-love is greater- this is the power of self-love my friends.   And I invite you, for this 2018, to tap into your SL Power.  I invite you to open your mind/heart/spirit to the power that Self-Love has to give.  Own it.  Cherish it.  Make it happen because you deserve to give yourSELF that much.

More to come as we tap more into the Self-Love (SL) Movement for 2018!

Until next time friends, keep working on loving YOU because you’re worth all the love! 




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April Smith