Where oh where has the time gone?
Someone please do tell! LOL

I am wondering about the last 10 years that have zipped by without "it" (those 10 years) even asking if I needed some time to process it all! :)  I have been working on a new website to get a new look and do something that will be a little easier to manage on my own and also with the help of my team.  So here it is! I have just started a new look: not just with the website, but also with my wellness journey to improved SELF!

This is a new and improved journey that I am now starting.  And there is so much to do with so little time.  Yet I THRIVE! I am going to keep a positive mindset.  As a friend has inspired me to put all of my services, blogging, events, all in to one big SITE!  So this is just the beginning. I ask you for your patience in advance as I create this new journey.  We got essential oils, we got coaching, we got trainings, we got events, we got inspiration, we got teaching tips...WE GOT MORE!

I am letting go of some things that have been a bit toxic in my life so that I can allow more room for GROWTH.  It has been an experience! 40 years to be exact and I am ready to take on the new challenges.  And I'm giving myself the OK to run into the bumps, the roadblocks, because they will come no matter how prepared I am. Yet I stand firm, I stand faithful, I stand strong, I stand encouraged...ready for what is destined for the path that leads me to healthier happier living!

Until next time my friends....welcome to the NEW April Smiles!

Just MeApril Smith